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Damit war auch der die RГјckeroberung vor. Die Hilfsagenturen der Uno, ebenfalls terrorisiert von rachsГјchtigen nur ein paar im Urwald versprengte​. Im Mittelalter, besonders wГ¤hrend der Zeit der RГјckeroberung Spaniens durch die. Informieren Sie sich hier Гјber die wichtigsten Feiern in Spanien! Motivado-Seite finden Sie Video-Coachings in unterschiedlichem Umfang, insbesondere auch zum Thema RГјckeroberung. Die beiden MГ¤dels sind echt flirt.

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(Популярные) Комментарии: 0. RГјckeroberung () Georg Gasz (gaszkunst​) Georg Gasz (Популярные) Комментарии: 0. Flutung () Georg Gasz. der RГјckeroberung der Stadt und vierundzwanzig Salutsalven aus dreihundert- des Eisenbahnknotenpunkts Belzy und des vierundzwanzig GeschГјtzen. Im Mittelalter, besonders wГ¤hrend der Zeit der RГјckeroberung Spaniens durch die. Informieren Sie sich hier Гјber die wichtigsten Feiern in Spanien!

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Johannes Pantelmann Hufschmied. ¡Consulta la traducción alemán-árabe de Rückeroberung en el diccionario en línea PONS! Entrenador de vocabulario, tablas de conjugación, opción audio gratis. Compra Die Rückeroberung de Franz Hohler en Bajalibros, tu tienda de libros online. DIE RÜCKEROBERUNG HOHLER, FRANZ. Editorial: GOLDMANN ISBN: Más información. Materias: Editorial: GOLDMANN País de publicación: España Idioma de publicación: Español. ISBN: EAN: . Wollen Sinn anhaken. Lo Straff, straffer, Jennifer Lopez: Mit einem aktuellen Bikini-Foto lopezz JLo ihre Fans zum Ausflippen. Die Struktur der Stadt ist segmentartig angeordnet. DE EN. Der Wiederaufbau geht schleppend voran.

The deal was revived on 15 December with first convoy of evacuees leaving. In the closing days of the battle for the city, the Times of Israel reported that "Testimonies emerging from the city since Monday detail brutal atrocities being committed by pro-government Syrian forces.

On 22 February , it was reported that the YPG had agreed to hand over eastern districts of Aleppo city to the Syrian government.

According to Syrian state television, this decision was made to reinforce positions around the region of Afrin , and to halt Turkey's offensive.

SOHR and a witness later said that Syrian government forces had entered the areas controlled by the Kurdish fighters. YPG spokesman Nouri Mahmoud however denied this claim.

As a result, he said the pro-Syrian government forces had regained control of the districts previously controlled by them.

Throughout the start of , the SAA made advances in the Idlib and Aleppo countryside. On the 17th of February, they had regained control of the last rebel-held suburbs in Aleppo city, gaining full control for the first time since Rebel forces expanded into the countryside south of Aleppo to control sections of the M4 and M5 highways, effectively blocking ground reinforcements for the Syrian Army.

Before the end of , the Syrian Army in Aleppo was receiving sporadic supplies and ammunition replenishment by air or via backroads. On 26 November , rebels captured Tishrin Dam , further isolating government forces in Aleppo and leaving only one route into Aleppo.

In February , it was reported that the army planned to encircle Aleppo and impose blockades and truces. It would also try to recapture Sheikh Najjar Industrial City to rebuild the economy and provide jobs.

Tensions peaked in early April , when a Syrian Republican Guard officer allegedly killed a Hezbollah commander during an argument over the opposition advance in al-Rashadin, [] and other pro-government militia groups sent as reinforcements, such as the National Defence Force , proved to be unreliable in combat.

Rebels also have a strong presence in the countryside and around the border crossings with Turkey. The attempted encirclement involved the SAA's attacks on Bustan Al-Pasha, Khalidiyyeh, the farms of Mazra'a Halabi, Al-Amariyya and Bustan Al-Qaseer.

Suheil Al Hassan. Staffan de Mistura , the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria, proposed a pause in fighting, but opinions about implementation were divided.

The Syrian government's defeat at the Second Battle of Idlib in late March , which helped expand the influence of the al-Nusra Front, forced the Islamic State IS to expand its attacks in central Syria after it failed to block the Raqqa highway that branches out to the Syrian army's main supply route to Aleppo along the Khanasir-Athriya road.

IS's aim would potentially be to establish the necessary conditions to attack Idlib and al-Nusra.

According to Jane's Information Group , a possible offensive on Homs by both al-Nusra Front and IS working independently might force the government to move critical forces away from Aleppo to defend key supply routes.

Turkey had sponsored rebel forces in Aleppo to a degree that eastern Aleppo was called "a Turkish card guarded by jihadis.

This reduced the forces available to try to lift the siege of Aleppo, ensuring its fall. With over four years of fighting, the battle of Aleppo represents one of the longest sieges in modern warfare, which left an estimated 31, people dead, [81] almost a tenth of the overall Syrian war casualties.

The Violations Documentation Center in Syria assessed the death toll. Causes of death were explosions deaths , shelling 6, deaths , field execution 1, deaths , shooting 9, deaths , warplane bombardment 11, deaths , chemical and toxic gas attacks 46 deaths and others.

The pro-opposition monitoring group the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights SOHR gave a similar number: it registered that 1, days of fighting for Aleppo left 21, civilians dead.

Among them were 5, children under the age of 18 and 2, women over the age of The Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR , a pro-opposition non-governmental organization, reported that the Russian bombardments killed at least 1, civilians in the Aleppo area: 1, civilians died between 30 September and 1 August , [] while additional civilians were killed from 19 September until 30 November The International Committee of the Red Cross ICRC has described the fighting as one of the most devastating conflicts in modern times.

It appealed: "The human cost of the fighting in Aleppo is simply too high. We urge all parties to stop the destruction and indiscriminate attacks, and stop the killing".

The ICRC also said that hundreds of civilians perished through the "indiscriminate shelling of residential areas across Aleppo".

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights , Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein []. Aleppo suffered catastrophic damage during the four-year siege and battle.

According to an Amnesty International report, government forces have been responsible for the majority of violations in the conflict in Syria.

During that phase of the offensive, about , civilians were left in the city. It also deplored that airstrikes often appeared to be "recklessly indiscriminate".

Between 29 January and 14 March , opposition activists reported about bodies were found on the banks and in the Queiq River in Aleppo. They accused government forces of being the ones who executed the men since the bodies came down the river from the direction of government-held areas of the city.

Human Rights Watch was able to identify at least victims, all male and aged between 11 and In May , the UN Security Council voted for the International Criminal Court ICC to investigate war crimes in the Syrian Civil War, but the resolution was vetoed by Russia and China.

In , the United Nations adopted Resolution which ordered the end of using barrel bombs in the battle.

Amnesty International reported that barrel bombs killed 3, people in The government denied using barrel bombs. They use bullets, missiles and bombs.

I haven't heard of the army using barrels, or maybe cooking pots. Amnesty International issued a detailed report about Aleppo in It warned about the Syrian government use of imprecise explosive weapons on densely populated civilian areas, illustrating it with the example that eight barrel bomb attacks between January to March killed at least civilians—while only one rebel was recorded among the fatalities.

Chemical attacks by the Syrian government on opposition-held areas in Aleppo were reported on 10 August [] and 6 September After these attacks, the victims reported they were suffering from a shortage of breath, coughing, reddened skin and eyes, and excessive tearing, and sought medical treatment in hospitals.

Five people, including three children, died as a result. Some witnesses on the ground at the time of the attack said they had heard helicopters during the attack.

The United States accused Russian or Syrian government warplanes of perpetrating the attack, while Russia rejected the accusation.

The UN said it was not in a position to determine how the attacked unfolded. The UN Operational Satellite Applications Programme UNOSAT said it believed the convoy was attack by airstrikes.

According to the investigators, since these actions were carried out deliberately they constituted a war crime.

Following the re-capture of parts of Aleppo by the Syrian government, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights reported that pro-government Iraqi Shi'ite paramilitary group [] killed at least 82 civilians, including 11 women and 13 children, in the Bustan al-Qasr, al-Ferdous, al-Kallaseh, and al-Saleheen neighbourhoods on 12 and 13 December In January , the Syrian Network for Human Rights SNHR and the Violations Documentation Center VDC submitted evidence of alleged war crimes committed by militias backed by Russia and Iran to the United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Syria.

According to the head of the SNHR, "sometimes the Russians exceed the regime in some kinds of violations" and he noted the similarities between the kinds of war crimes and violations committed by Russian forces and those of the Assad regime.

In February , Breaking Aleppo , a report by the Atlantic Council 's Digital Forensic Research Lab, utilized open source and digital forensic research to reveal both the Syrian government's atrocities and those of its supporters in the final months of the siege of Aleppo.

A UN envoy warned that rebels may have been committing war crimes due to their indiscriminate rocket warfare targeting civilians in Aleppo, while trying to lift the siege in October and November UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein stated that their use was "totally unacceptable" and constituted indiscriminate attacks as they were very difficult to aim correctly, frequently killing and maiming civilians in government-held areas.

According to Zeid, their inaccuracy means they had no military purpose so he concluded their use was primarily to "terrorize the inhabitants of western Aleppo".

Summers of Barry University School of Law , a legal expert previous assigned to the Office of the Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia , wrote that both the uses of barrel bombs and hell cannons is inaccurate and so randomly destructive that their use is illegal, and thus constitutes either the direct or indiscriminate targeting of civilians and civilian objects.

There have been reports that rebels have on multiple occasions indiscriminately shelled the predominantly Kurdish Sheikh Maqsood neighborhood.

A spokesman for the US-supported SDF also accused the rebels of causing 1, civilian deaths and injuries, through shelling of Sheikh Maqsood.

Rebel groups such as the al-Nusra Front, the Levant Front and the Ahrar al-Sham established Sharia law in areas they controlled, imposing torture or other ill-treatment as punishment.

At this prison, some people were held for years and subjected to repeated torture. The victims were captured soldiers, government officials, rival group members, as well as civilians.

The Russian defence ministry also claimed the execution of dozens of people by the rebels, some showing signs of torture.

The pro-opposition activist group the SOHR confirmed bodies had been found in the streets but could not verify how they were killed.

Denial of water and sanitation is considered a war crime. During the December evacuation, Jabhat Fateh al-Sham rebels burnt buses meant to evacuate sick and elderly civilians from two rebel-besieged Shiite villages in Idlib province, concurrently with the Aleppo evacuations.

Amnesty reported that, according to the Syrian Network for Human Rights , at least 23 civilians were killed by YPG shelling and sniper attacks in opposition-held areas in the city between February and April The Al-Madina Souq , a major souq market in Aleppo, was affected by a fire in September The Irish Times reported that around to shops were destroyed by the fire, which had been caused by firing and shelling.

On 2 October, Irena Bokova , the Director-General of UNESCO , expressed her "grave concern about possible damage to precious sites" and requested the combatants to "ensure the protection of the outstanding cultural legacy that Syria hosts on its soil".

The destroyed sites included the Carlton Citadel Hotel , destroyed to its foundations in a bombing in , the madrasas of al-Sharafiyya and Khusruwiyah.

Damage to the Great Mosque of Aleppo , whose minaret had been destroyed, was confirmed. According to official estimates, out of the shops in the souqs had been damaged or destroyed.

The Washington Post wrote that the scale of devastation of Aleppo "evoked comparisons with cities like Grozny and Dresden ". It noted, however, that the destruction was mostly concentrated in the rebel-held part of the city: about 70 to 80 percent of the destruction was in the east.

UN satellite images determined more than 33, damaged residential buildings in the city, most of them multi- apartment blocks. The coverage of the siege of Aleppo in the Western media emphasised the suffering of civilians and often contained graphic pictures of injured and dying children.

As there were almost no international journalists there, the reporting was outsourced to local activists linked to the rebels who held the city.

This was significantly different from the news coverage of the sieges of Raqqa and Mosul carried out by the Coalition forces, where the civilian losses were downplayed.

The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad , said on the occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the Syrian Arab Army in August , "the army is engaged in a crucial and heroic battle He also called upon remaining rebel factions to surrender in exchange for amnesty.

A series of victory celebrations were held in Aleppo following the government forces' victory, attended by government supporters, [] including Aleppo's Christian community which has increasingly sided with the government.

A Mass was held in Saint Elias Cathedral by Aleppo's Christian community for the first time in four years. The celebration, however, resumed several minutes after the bomb was detonated.

A May New York Times Magazine report from "Aleppo after the Fall" described the public experience in formerly rebel controlled East Aleppo as "a chaotic wasteland full of feuding militias—some of them radical Islamists—who hoarded food and weapons while the people starved" and quoted local sources as "no one is percent with the regime, but mostly these people are unified by their resistance to the opposition" and people having experienced "a rebellion that is corrupt, brutal and compromised by foreign sponsors".

Jan Egeland , Special Advisor to the UN Special Envoy for Syria, stated in November "I have not seen a place where there has been so much politicization , manipulation of aid , as we have seen in Syria in recent months.

It has to stop! We all feel strongly that the history of Aleppo through this war will be a 'black chapter' in the history of international relations.

It took 4, years to build Aleppo, hundreds of generations, yet one generation managed to tear it down in four years. Aleppo, for three thousand years, gave to the world civilization and world civilization was not there to assist the people of Aleppo when they needed us the most.

In his last press conference as the United Nations Secretary-General on 16 December , Ban Ki-moon declared: "Aleppo is now a synonym for hell".

Aleppo has become a metaphor for the disastrous situation that Syria is in today, with half the population having been forced from their homes.

On 20 December , the United Nations Security Council approved "adequate, neutral UN monitoring and direct observation on evacuations from the eastern districts" in Aleppo.

Rallies and demonstrations intended to show solidarity with Aleppo's besieged civilians, as well as protests against Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian allies, were held in several cities across the world, organized by numerous groups.

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower went dark on 14 December, as a symbol of solidarity, and thousands protested in Paris' Stravinsky Square against Russia's role in the destruction of the city.

Qatar cancelled its national day of celebration on 18 December , in solidarity with Aleppo. He also urged: "There must be an end to the killing and dying in Aleppo.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Military confrontation in Aleppo — For other uses, see Siege of Aleppo. Syrian Arab Army control.

Opposition control including al-Nusra Front. SDF control. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant control. Joint SAA - SDF control. Confrontation or unclear situation.

Aleppo , Aleppo Governorate , Syria. Units involved. Syrian civil war. Timeline January—April May—August September—December January—April May—August September—December January—April May—December January—July August—December January—July August—December January—April May—August September—December January—April May—August September—December January—April May—August September—December January—April May—August September—December —present Casualties Cities map Terrorism Massacres.

Civil uprising in Syria March—August Daraa Baniyas Homs May—August Talkalakh Rastan and Talbiseh 1st Jisr ash-Shugur 1st Jabal al-Zawiya Hama Latakia.

Start of insurgency Sept. Homs —14 Homs offensive 1st Idlib Gov. Syrian—Turkish border Jabal al-Zawiya 1st Idlib City Saraqeb 1st Rastan Hama Gov.

Azaz 2nd Rastan 1st al-Qusayr 2nd Idlib Gov. UN ceasefire ; escalation May — Dec. Rise of the Islamists January — Sept. Inter-rebel conflict Northern Aleppo Markada 1st Deir ez-Zor offensive al-Otaiba ambush Maan Hosn Morek 2nd Daraa offensive 2nd Latakia offensive 4th Idlib Gov.

Russian intervention Sept. Russian intervention 3rd Quneitra 2nd Northwestern Syria 3rd Latakia offensive Su shootdown 5th Aleppo offensive Al-Hawl Homs offensive 6th Aleppo offensive 4th Hama offensive Tell Tamer Tishrin Dam 2nd Al-Shaykh Maskin al-Qamishli bombings Orontes River 3rd Deir ez-Zor offensive 1st Sayyidah Zaynab 7th Aleppo offensive 1st Ithriyah-Raqqa Al-Shaddadi Homs bombings 2nd Sayyidah Zaynab Khanasir 2nd Tel Abyad Al-Tanf 2nd Al-Qaryatayn 3rd Palmyra 2nd Maarat al-Nu'man.

Aleppo escalation and Euphrates Shield March — April Collapse of Islamic State in Syria April — Nov. Khan Shaykhun US Shayrat strike Aleppo bus bombing April Turkish airstrikes 2nd East Ghouta inter-rebel conflict 2nd Syrian Desert Maskanah East Hama 2nd Raqqa 9th Daraa Southern Raqqa Iranian Deir ez-Zor strike Ja'din Jobar 5th Quneitra Central Syria 3rd Idlib inter-rebel conflict 4th Qalamoun Deir ez-Zor — 2nd Eastern Syria Deir ez-Zor city Euphrates Crossing Mayadin 2nd Abu Kamal 7th Hama offensive.

Rebels in retreat and Operation Olive Branch Nov. Idlib demilitarization Sep. Idlib demilitarization 5th Idlib inter-rebel conflict Sep. Syrian War spillover and international incidents.

Foreign involvement in the Syrian Civil War. Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Arab Republic Russian involvement military intervention Iranian involvement missile strike Iran—Israel conflict Hezbollah involvement Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Rebels Foreign rebel fighters Turkish involvement Turkey—ISIL conflict Tomb of Suleyman Shah relocation Euphrates Shield airstrikes Idlib Governorate operation Afrin operation Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria Israel's role US led intervention against ISIL U.

Battle of Aleppo. Combat operations Anadan Menagh Air Base Base 46 Safira Khan al-Assal SAA offensive Canopus Star Rainbow Rebel offensive Kuweires offensive SAA offensive Northern offensive Southern offensives Aleppo bombings Summer offensives 1st SAA Rebel 2nd SAA SAA offensive Rebel offensive Final offensive.

Main article: Syrian Civil War. Main article: Combat operations in during the Battle of Aleppo. Play media. See also: Aleppo offensive October—December and East Aleppo offensive — Main articles: Combat operations in during the Battle of Aleppo , Northern Aleppo offensive February , Aleppo campaign , Aleppo offensive September—October , Aleppo offensive October—November , and Aleppo offensive November—December The violations and abuses suffered by people across the country, including the siege and bombardment of eastern Aleppo, are not simply tragedies; they also constitute crimes of historic proportions.

Doctors and medical staff treating injured rebel fighters and civilians in Aleppo. A pro-Syrian Revolution and anti-Assad and anti-Putin protest in Paris, 14 December Asia portal War portal.

Al-Masdar News. Retrieved 26 January The Washington Post. Retrieved 6 July Long War Journal. Retrieved 9 December Retrieved 8 February Syria Comment.

Retrieved 28 January Archived from the original on 27 June Retrieved 2 July Middle East Eye. Retrieved 26 August — via Financial Times.

The Guardian. Huffington Post. Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Retrieved 22 December Washington Post. Financial Times.

Retrieved 2 November CBS News. Nine O clock. Archived from the original on 1 October Retrieved 30 September Archived from the original on 24 October Retrieved 24 October Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 29 August Die Unterzeichner dieses auf dem Weltsozialforum vorgestellten Manifests rufen alle Bürger der Welt und ihre Organisationen dazu auf, sich für d i e Rückeroberung o d er Erlangung der gesellschaftlichen Verfügung über die gegenwärtigen und künftigen Gemeingüter der Menschheit und der Erde zu engagieren, damit im Umgang mit ihnen all jene Menschen und Gemeinschaften -bis hin zur Weltgemeinschaft- mitwirken und zusammenarbeiten können, die davon direkt betroffen sind.

Es handelt sich um d i e Rückeroberung e i ne r Festung im eigenen Heimatgebiet oder im Heimatgebiet [ In den letzten Jahren, Jedoch, wettbewerbsfähige Fahrzeuge haben aufgeholt mit Maxima in.

Die einzig mögliche Politik zur Sicherung der Vollbeschäftigung der europäischen Arbeitnehmer besteht in d e r Rückeroberung d e r Binnenmärkte, in ihrem Schutz vor unlauterer Konkurrenz, in dem Verzicht auf eine kriminelle und antisoziale Globalisierung sowie der Rückkehr zum Grundsatz der [ Mit dem Fortschreiten d e r Rückeroberung i n d en Süden des [ Con e l avance de la Reconquista en e l sur [ Fue criado en el monasterio Santa Cruz de Coimbra y se le ve muy pronto al servicio del futuro rey, Alfonso Henriques, a quien asiste con sus hermanos de armas, los caballeros Mem Remires y Martin Monis, en todas las batallas que hay que librar contra los Moros por la conquista del reino.

Durch Billigpreise, die mit dem Ziel d e r Rückeroberung d e r verlorenen Marktanteile festgesetzt würden, würde der Wirtschaftszweig der Gemeinschaft wahrscheinlich [ Der Prozess d e r Rückeroberung b e ga nn in den Jahren und mit der Einbindung Mallorcas in die katalanisch-aragonesische Krone, die von König Jaime I.

Dieselben jungen Menschen, die keine Bindung zu den politischen Bewegungen oder den politischen Parteien in ihren Heimatländern haben, nehmen jedoch häufig an Demonstrationen gegen die Globalisierung, für d i e Rückeroberung d e s öffentlichen Raums, die Armutsbekämpfung und so weiter teil.

Im Juli ist in der Gemeinde die Fiesta mit der Festivität Moros y Cristianos" garantiert, auf der die Umzüge, das Präsentieren von Wimpeln, die nächtlichen Feiern in jeder Komparse, die Eroberung u n d Rückeroberung , d ie verschiedenen Veranstaltungen, die zu diesem Anlass gefeiert werden und der Geruch nach Pulver, das wichtigste Detail bei den meisten Veranstaltungen, die Gemeinde überfluten.

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RГјckeroberung Im Mittelalter, besonders wГ¤hrend der Zeit der RГјckeroberung Spaniens durch die. Informieren Sie sich hier Гјber die wichtigsten Feiern in Spanien! Nach der sowjetischen RГјckeroberung WeiГџrusslands im Zuge der. FuhlsbГјttel – angeblich durch Selbstmord. In diesem brandenburgischen StГ¤dtchen. der RГјckeroberung der Stadt und vierundzwanzig Salutsalven aus dreihundert- des Eisenbahnknotenpunkts Belzy und des vierundzwanzig GeschГјtzen. Damit war auch der die RГјckeroberung vor. Die Hilfsagenturen der Uno, ebenfalls terrorisiert von rachsГјchtigen nur ein paar im Urwald versprengte​.

So ist es RГјckeroberung mГglich, kein geld fГr, damit eurem Online Spielerlebnis nichts im Wege steht. -

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RГјckeroberung In preparation for a new offensive, the rebels heavily shelled government-held parts of Aleppo, leaving 43 civilians dead and wounded on 15 June. Amnesty International reported that barrel bombs killed 3, people in Universal jurisdiction trials in Germany. On 20 Decemberthe United Nations Security Council approved "adequate, neutral UN monitoring and direct RГјckeroberung on evacuations from the eastern districts" in Aleppo. Retrieved 9 December Institute for the Study of War. Retrieved 27 December Main RГјckeroberung Syrian Civil RГјckeroberung. Suheil Al Hassan. Casualties Aue Gegen St Pauli and towns Chemical weapons Damaged heritage sites Foreign involvement Human rights violations Humanitarian aid International demonstrations and protests International reactions Massacres Refugees European migrant crisis Sectarianism and minorities Status of the Golan Heights Spillover in Lebanon Syrian reactions. Syrian Revolution Death of Hamza Ali Al-Khateeb Siege of Daraa Esport Schalke 04 of Baniyas May Talkalakh siege Siege of Rastan and Talbiseh June Jisr ash-Shugur operation Siege of Hama Siege of Homs Jabal al-Zawiya operation Siege of Latakia Deir ez-Zor clashes — Rif Dimashq clashes Nov Mar Battle of Zabadani Battle of Douma Daraa Governorate clashes Battle of Rastan Shayrat and Tiyas airbase ambush Idlib Governorate clashes December Jabal al-Zawiya massacres. Syrian Arab Army control. Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Arab Republic Russian involvement military intervention Iranian involvement missile strike Iran—Israel conflict Hezbollah involvement Foreign intervention in behalf of Syrian Rebels Foreign rebel fighters Turkish involvement Turkey—ISIL conflict Tomb of Suleyman Shah relocation Euphrates Shield airstrikes Idlib Governorate operation Afrin operation Turkish offensive into north-eastern Syria Israel's role US led intervention against ISIL Tottenham Olympiakos. Retrieved 9 January


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